Kasherus Kitchen

Sivan Club Passover Holiday Kasherus Kitchen

Kasherus Kitchen

The kitchen does not use Matze-meal (powered Matzah), according to the custom not to wet the Matzah, except for the eight day of Pesach, in which it is permitted under the supervision of the Montreal chief Rabinate (Rabbi David Sabbah) & Rabbi Shlomo Gissinger of Lakewood, NJ.

Meat is according to Maran Beit Yossef requirements and Rama also. In the cooking process, the Mashgiach (supervisor) lights the fire and locates the food on it Bishul Ysrael. We do not use Kiniot nor rice. All dairy products are Cholov Yisrael.

Kosher CuisineMeals

Unique to Sivan Club is our ability to prepare delicious Glatt kosher for Pesach cuisine under strict supervision.We offer the finest french cuisine, tea room.Our master chefs specialize in nutritious well balanced and beautifully prepared and presented meals.


All seders will be semi-private family style and will take place in 3 separate dining rooms


We take measures of the two types of requirements, those of Ashkenazim and of Sepharadim.